What could be more seasonal in France than wild mushrooms – a perfect example of many different browns. These are all edible. For other takes on this month’s city daily photo theme day, click here.

Quoi de plus saisonnier en France que les champignons sauvages : le parfait exemple de la couleur marron dans tous ses états. Ils sont tous comestibles. Pour d’autres versions sur le même thème, cliquez ici.

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5 comments on “CDP theme Brown

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, I don’t think that you have the “spore”-type boletus mushrooms in North America. Very common here!

  1. Judith

    Beautiful. Personally collected by you? If so, how lucky,

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, personally collected by us! Mushroom-picking is one of our great pleasures but there haven’t been that many in recent years. A very hot dry summer followed by a very wet autumn led to much better gathering this year!

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