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Rooftops and antennas – Toits et antennes

photo_24_vienneWhat a pity that so many TV antennas mar the horizon of an historic city such as Blois! Photo taken from the Jardin de l’Evêché (Episcopal Garden).
Quel dommage que les antennes de télévision omniprésentes gâchent l’horizon d’une ville historique comme Blois ! Photo prise depuis le Jardin de l’Evêché.

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I’m going to be really cheeky and correct your English 🙂
I would say Blois is an historic city ie it is important in history, not just something from history. Also, whilst I can see why you used ‘Bishop’s Garden’, the pedant in me would use Episcopal Garden.

You may, you may!
I always have problems with historic and historical. So we’d say an historical event but an historic monument. Is that right? And I’ll correct the Episcopal Garden as well.

Not quite. Monuments are always historic, as the fact that they are referred to as monuments tells you they are significant. But events can be either (although if you are bothering to mention them, probably historic). The death of Catherine d’Medici at the chateau of Blois was historic (ie significant), but the records and routine of daily life at the chateau in Renaissance times are historical. If it is something from the past that is significant, it is historic. If it is just a thing from the past, it is historical. Of course, with time passing, things which were just historical can become historic. In general one has historical costume, but certain items, with known provenance or association with a particular event, can be historic. I’m going to stop now because my brain hurts.

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