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Saint Nicolas des Motets

Saint Nicolas des Motets was built in 1536. The painted decor embellishing a very simple architectural scheme was probably added a few years later. The iconography of the wall paintings, restored in 1996, is witness to the 16th century preoccupation with Redemption and the fear of death.
Saint Nicolas is halfway between Blois and Tours, not far from Château Renault.
L’église de Saint Nicolas des Motets est construite en 1536. C’est sans doute à une date très légèrement postérieure que fut mis en place le décor peint, ornant une architecture d’une grande simplicité. L’iconographie des peintures murales, restaurées en 1996, témoignent du fait qu’au XVième sièce, avec la peur de la mort, l’idée de Rédemption est forte.
Saint Nicolas se trouve à mi-chemin entre Blois et Tours, pas loin de Château Renault.

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Yes, you’re going to be out from dawn to dusk! One day we arranged to meet up with a lady to buy a Henri II bedside table and she gave us Saint Nicolas as the meeting place, then told us to visit the church before we left. What a find! There are photos on the other walls as well. She also told us to go and see the wall paintings in Lavardin but we haven’t been yet.

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