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Evening Primrose – Onagre

We arrived in the garden of our little house one morning to discover this beautiful yellow flower that we didn’t remember from the year before and certainly hadn’t planted ourselves. It turns out to be Oenothera biennis or Evening Primrose, also called Sun Drop – and it is a biennial which means it only blooms every second year. I didn’t know it was possible! So what do we do the other year?
Un matin, nous sommes arrivés dans le jardin de notre petite maison pour découvrir cette belle fleur jaune qu’on n’avait pas vu l’année d’avant et que nous n’avions pas planté non plus. Elle s’appelle Oenothera biennis ou Onagre biannuelle ce qui veut dire qu’elle ne fleurit qu’une année sur deux. Je ne connaissais pas le phénomène ! Alors, que fait-on l’année sans floraison ?

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What do you do in the second year? By then you’ll be lulled into a false sense of security, but really it’s plotting to take over your entire garden and the landscape all around. My advice is pull it out now and hope it hasn’t seeded. It’s an invasive alien.

@William – I quite agree.
@Susan – I assume you are serious about this but it’s very disappointing. I think it’s very pretty and I love the name! Since it’s at the side of the little house, we might leave it for now though.

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