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The Stone Cable – La cordelière en pierre

I love this detail on Hôtel Pierre du Puy (hôtel means town house or mansion in this case) built by Pierre du Puy,, a merchant and burgher of Tours in the late 5th or early 16th century. The cable moulding, seen on many buildings of the same period, is usually a tribute to Anne of Brittany or Claude de France.
J’adore ce détail sur l’hôtel particulier construit par Pierre du Puy, marchand et bourgeois de Tours entre la fin du XV et le début du XVI siècle, La cordelière, visible sur de nombreux édifices contemporains, est habituellement un hommage à Anne de Bretagne ou Claude de France.

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I confess I don’t remember seeing that detail either. In spite of the fact that Anne and Claude were residents of Amboise. I’ll bet there are some examples if I just pay more attention to detail !

@ William – Yes, we both come from more recent countries than these buildings.
@ Stuart – I’ll be interested to see if you find any. I’m going to keep a look out in Blois as well.
@ Susan – No, I didn’t realise you could visit. I’ll try next time though.

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