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No ice-cream in winter – Pas de glace en hiver

photo_323_saint_martinOn the other side of the square from Rodolphe’s in Vendôme, we have the Saint Martin bar, but it’s closed. I guess there isn’t much opening for ice-cream in winter! Note the sculptures on the uprights.
De l’autre côté de la place, face à Rodolphe à Vendôme, se trouve le bar Saint Martin, mais il est fermé. Je suppose qu’on n’a pas très envie de glaces en hiver! Notez les belles sculptures sur les montants.

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@William – I can imagine it would be a bit cold in Canada to have ice cream in winter!
@Susan – Yes, I’ve notice that as well.
@Stuart – You would really like Vendôme – and you can cycle around the town as well.

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