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The Menagerie – La Ménagerie

Anyone who has been in France in January will be familiar with the Kings’ Cake (galette des rois) with its lucky tokens. This is my collection so far this year.
Voici ce que j’ai trouvé dans la galette des rois cette année. Les hippopotames sont nouveaux !

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A couple of years ago our boulangerie had Australian Aboriginal boomerangs and throwing sticks as feves. I made sure I snaffled one at the annual mayor’s New Year drinks. We also have a couple of Citroen Traction Avants, which we bought for our little collection of Traction models, plus a Tour de France one. However, I have never managed to remember to put one in the galette des rois before I put the top layer of pastry on! Hopeless!

@William – That’s a novel idea!
@Susan – wow! did they have the boomerangs in honour of you? None of my (I now have 27) are as significant as yours.

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