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House in the Distance – Maison en arrière plan

This typical house in the area can be seen from the bike path between Candé-sur-Beuvron and Chailles, on the other side of the Loire from us. It was a great day for cycling.
Cette maison typique de la région est visible depuis la piste cyclable entre Candé-sur-Beuvron et Chailles qui se trouvent de l’autre côté de la Loire. Une belle journée pour faire du vélo.

8 replies on “House in the Distance – Maison en arrière plan”

Well I’m lovin’ you cycling shots as I have not been able to get out on the paths yet. The US family has been visiting and I’m now trying to catch up on all my CDP friends’ blogs!

Nice and relaxing photo! I wish I had lived in the area long enough to get back on my bike. Where we live it is so hilly that only true athletes really use their bikes — even to ride to my local grocery store is a feat!

Yes, we have the same problem is we want to go by bike directly from our house. However, we keep the bikes on the bike rack from April until October so that we can drive to somewhere without too many hills!

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