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Royal lily-of-the-valley – Muguet royal

It’s the tradition in France to give lily-of-the-valley on May 1st for good luck, especially to your loved ones. And if you find a sprig with 13 little bells, you’ll have extra luck. You can find it on practically every street corner, mainly sold by charities and similar associations. And because it’s Labour Day, it’s also the one day of the year when anyone can sell on the street without a permit in France. I saw this lily-of-the-valley growing in a garden on Ile d’Or in the Loire just opposite Amboise Royal Castle.
C’est la tradition en France d’offrir le muguet le 1er mai comme porte bonheur, surtout aux proches. On dit que celui qui trouve un brin de muguet à 13 clochettes sera tout particulièrement favorisé par le destin !On le trouve sur presque tous les coins de rue, vendus surtout par des associations. Et puisque c’est la fête du travail c’est également le seul jour de l’année où tout le monde a doit de vendre dans la rue sans permit. J’ai vu ce muguet dans un jardin sur l’île d’Or dans la Loire en face du château royal d’Amboise.

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It was a bit low down to count the bells particularly as it had rained all day. However, I counted the 6 sprigs in the bouquet Jean Michel brought from the garden and there were 11, 12 and 14 bells but now 13s!

Hmmm. I’ll have to verify it, but this looks like the planter of an American couple we know. If it’s not theirs, it would have to be next door. Anyway, nice shot! I wish I had seen it or I would have beat you to it.

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