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Bread-Baking Day – La fête du pain

For the 9th consecutive year, our neighbourhood, Les Grouets, held a bread-baking day at part of the French national fête du pain celebrations. Norbert, the owner of the century-old wood-fired oven, starts heating it four days beforehand. Local children bring along their brioches on Friday but the main celebration is on Sunday. I took along two loaves to bake at 10 am.. Here, Norbert is testing to see if they are cooked. And in the video below, you can see the pizzas being put in the oven.
Pour la neuvième année de suite, notre quartier des Grouets a participé à la fête du pain. Norbert, le propriétaire d’un four à pain plus que centenaire, commencer à le chauffer quatre jours avant. Les enfants du quartier amènent leur brioches le vendredi mais la vraie fête a lieu le dimanche. J’ai amené deux pains à faire cuire vers 10 heures du matin. Dans la photo, on voit Norbert en train d’en vérifier la cuisson. Et dans la vidéo ci-dessous vous pouvez le voir en train d’enfourner les pizzas qui sont vendus au public par la suite..

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The aroma is tantalising. Was the taste just as good?
I just googled La fete du pain. Well done Jean-Pierre Raffarin. It is so important to keep these traditional skills alive.

I cut the bread into small pieces and handed out to everyone. They all thought it was good but it was a little flat. Damien (the biscuit maker who’s a professional pastrycook) told me that the trip from our house to the oven on a fairly cold morning was responsible so I’ll have to find another solution next year! Thanks for looking up the origin of the fête du pain. Thank you, indeed, Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

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