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A New Visitor – Le nouveau visiteur

We saw this little hedgehog and its mate in our garden for the first time today. My son Patrick who was visiting used Jean Michel’s telephoto lens to take this lovely photo. The little fellow was about 15 centimeters long. We later saw them in our little wood. We hope they’re here to stay because it seems they love slugs and snails which also love our baby lettuce!
Nous avons vu deux petits hérissons pour la première fois dans notre jardin ce matin. Mon fils Patrick qui nous rendait visite a utilisé le téléobjectif de Jean Michel pour prendre cette belle photo. Ces petites bêtes mesurent à peine quinzaine de centimètres. Nous les avons vu par la suite dans notre petit bois. Nous espérons qu’ils resteront chez nous car il paraît qu’ils adorent les limaces et escargots qui, eux, aiment nos petites salades. 

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Adorable, and a great photo. Just remember not to wander about the garden at night in the dark and in bare feet like some people we know…:-) Accidentally kicking a hedgehog in bare feet is disconcerting for both parties concerned.

@Stuart – Thank you! They didn’t seem to be stressed and one even came back to visit today.
@Helen – I’d never seen one up that close. I agree about the cuteness.
@Susan – I can imagine the scene!

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