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Mysterious Letters and Figures – Des chiffres et lettres mystérieux

These mysterious letters and figures appeared in our street yesterday. The figures, which are sometimes yellow and sometimes blue, range from about 0.72 to 10.93. They seem to be connected with the manholes. We’re hoping they have something to do with our future optic fibre connection which will be a big improvement on our deficient internet connection.
Ces lettres et chiffres mystérieux sont apparus dans notre rue hier. Les chiffres, qui sont soient jaunes soient bleus, varient entre 0,72 et 10,93. Nous espérons qu’il y a un lien avec la fibre optique qui sera une nette amélioration par rapport à notre connexion internet actuelle.

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Yesterday when walking, we spotted a manhole with a sign stating that entry was limited because of limited space. Now I wish I had taken a photo of it. It was certainly stating the obvious.

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