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The Octopus Bus Shelter – L'abri bus pieuvre

We’ve driven past this bus shelter several times but always in the late afternoon when the sun was in the wrong direction. This time, it was morning. The town of Saint Laurent Nouan has several similar bus shelters.
Nous avons passé cet abri bus plusieurs fois mais c’était toujours l’après-midi lorsque le soleil n’était du bon côté. Cette fois-ci, c’était le matin. La ville de Saint Laurent Nouan a plusieurs abris bus du même style.

5 replies on “The Octopus Bus Shelter – L'abri bus pieuvre”

It would definitely lift ones spirits. Many of our public rubbish bins, telegraph and electrical poles, noise barriers etc are now painted. Some pretty impressive stuff.

There was another one with cows on it! It’ll have to look out for them next time we go to Australia.

My friend in Australia commented:
Very colourful. It would make bus stops easy to find if they were all like this. I agree, especially if you are on a foreign country.

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