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The Big Cedar – Le grand cèdre

photo_345_big_cedarI took this photo on Sunday when we went to vote for the regional elections at the (now closed) school down the road. What a beautiful tree!
J’ai pris cette photo dimanche lorsque nous sommes allés voter pour les conseillers régionaux à l’école (malheureusement fermée) dans notre rue. Quel bel arbre !

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@Helen – It’s a cedar – as indicated in the title 🙂
@William – Yes, it is. I’m sure you have much bigger trees in Canada though;

Sorry Rosemary, I was so taken with the photo I didn’t read the caption.
Feel stupid as I recall commenting to myself ‘what a silly question’, when someone else did the same thing.

You’re forgiven, but it’s actually good practice to include the title in the caption so I’ll try and remmember to do so.

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