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Notre Dame de Chartres

When we visited Chartres Cathedral many years ago, it was impossible to take a decent photo because of the very tall spires but a new square has been built in front which now means you can stand back far enough to avoid too much distortion. Notre Dame de Chartres, built in the 13th century (the previous Romanesque cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1194) is considered to be the most representative and complete of France’s gothic cathedrals.
Lorsque nous avons visité la cathédrale de Chartres il y a plusieurs années il fut impossible de prendre une photo convenable à cause des flèches très élevées mais un nouveau parvis a été construit devant qui permet suffisamment de recul pour éviter trop de distorsion. Notre Dame de Chartres, construite au 13e siècle (la précédente cathédrale romane fut détruite lors d’un incendie en 1194) est considérée comme la cathédrale française gothique la plus représentative et la plus complète.

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@William & Helen – It certainly is!
@Susan – Yes, we did go Inside. Unfortunately the Inside restoration is far from finished, but there will be photos to come.

This is the favourite cathedral of a friend of mine who visited it recently and was very disappointed with the interior whitewash(?). He said there is some local controversy about it as well. What do you think?

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