Les Grouets

Any Takers? – Qui veut acheter ?

Today was the annual garage sale in our neighbourhood of Les Grouëts in Blois. The low temperatures and threatened rain somewhat reduced the population unlike last year when we were too hot!
Aujourd’hui c’était le vide grenier annuel dans notre quartier des Grouets à Blois. La température très basse et la menace de pluie a réduit quelque peu le nombre de participants à la différence de l’année dernière quand on a eu trop chaud !

4 replies on “Any Takers? – Qui veut acheter ?”

@William – I can understand that. I like to see whar people are selling, but rarely buy!!
@Helen – It’s the old local school that is closed now. Quite a few of the people selling used to go to it.
@Lesley – I can see you are exactly the opposite of William!

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