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Célestine Citroën

LDP_celestineMy friend Celestine Citroën came to visit yesterday with her master, Simon from Loire Valley Time Travel which offers private tours of the Loire Valley aboard Celestine and her sister Claudette. I thought she added some class to our quiet street.
Ma copine Célestine Citroën est venue me rendre visite hier avec son maître Simon de Loire Valley Time Travel qui offre des visites privées de la Vallée de la Loire à bord Célestine et sa soeur Claudette. Je trouvais qu’elle ajoutait de la classe à notre rue tranquille.

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What an awesome vehicle. How absolutely fantastic to ride through the french countryside in this. Then stop and spread a picnic blanket in the shade of an elm and enjoy a vino or two!
I also love this view of your lane. I had imagined a busier looking street.

I’d love to drive a car like that. Trouble is , I think, that we would need a resident mechanic and fettler of parts to go with it.

@William – Claudette isn’t bad either 🙂
@Helen – We’ve driven through the countryside in it but haven’t had the picnic! Our street is just on the edge of Blois, parallel to the Loire. It’s very long and some parts only have houses on one side because it’s classified as floodable which is great for us because it means we have an unobstructed view (well, except for the trees in summer). I’ll have to take a photo down further where there is only vegetation.

@Susan – Sorry we didn’t see you!
@Lesley – Yes, that, of course, is the major problem.

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