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Happy Hedgehogs – Hérissons heureux

photo_102_hedgehogs_vegetable_patchSo, where are the hedgehogs? Probably sleeping it off after draining the slug-catching beer and overturning the cups. I’ve been having a hard time with this rainy weather getting my lettuces to maturity this year so we tried the beer trap. It gets rid of the slugs and snails but attracts the hedgehogs! Unlike last year, we haven’t seen them in the flesh.
Alors où sont les hérissons ? Sans doute en train de récupérer après avoir drainé la bière attrape-limace et retourné les gobelets. J’ai du mal avec ce temps pluvieux à faire pousser mes salades à maturité cette année alors nous avons essayé la solution de la bière. Elle nous débarrasse des limaces et escargots mais attire les hérissons ! A la différence de l’année dernière nous ne les avons pas vus de nos yeux.

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To be fair, the hedgehogs were probably after the slugs, not the beer! I was amazed how rapidly a hedgehog will consume a slug, btw, after watching one being filmed at Chenonceau. I’d skip the beer and just leave the slug control to the hedgehogs!

Until we added the cups of beer, all my baby lettuces were immediately eaten. Now, the slugs climb into the beer cups and get eaten by the hedgehogs!

Maybe that is what we need here – we live near Seattle, Washington and slugs seem to be the state animal. I think there could be a website with pictures of critter-hit gardens – we could contribute quite a few photos! Maybe an award for most unusual critters?

It has been particularly bad this year with so much rain. Last year we didn’t have the same problem. I don’t mind a few holes in the lettuce but only when it’s grown a bit! My basil suffered badly too, but now it’s growing again. What other critters do you have?

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