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The Bride – La mariée

photo_122_brideI took this shot from the car as we drove past the little church in our street, Rue Basse des Grouëts. The wedding was over and the bridge was waiting to be taken to the reception at Château de la Vicomté further down the street.
J’ai pris cette photo depuis la voiture lorsque nous sommes passés devant la petite église de la rue Basse des Grouëts. La cérémonie fut terminée et la mariée  attendait qu’on la conduise à la réception au château de la Vicomté dans la même rue. 

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What an interesting shot. I can’t remember ever seeing a photo of a bride all alone on her wedding day. Maybe you could provide a funny caption, like “oops, in my excitement, I got to the church a day early”.

Yes, it was a little odd. When we went past earlier we were surprised at how many cars were parked along the road but we turned before the church and didn’t realise it was a wedding. On the way home, there were practically no more cars and the bride was by herself holding her bouquet. There were other people across the street getting into their cars so we can only assume she was waiting for her husband. We slowed down next to her and I asked her to smile which she did, as you can see.

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