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Stay in a roulotte – Séjourner dans une roulotte

We have passed these before on Itinerary n° 8 of the Châteaux au vélo bike path near Huisseau-sur-Cosson but I didn’t realise they were for holiday rent. You can find them on if you’re interested! Very handy to Château de Chambord.
Nous sommes déjà passé devant ces roulottes en empruntant l’itinéraire n° 8 des Châteaux à vélo près de Huisseau-sur-Cosson mais je ne savais pas qu’elles étaient à louer pour les vacances. Vous les trouverez sur si cela vous intéresse. Très commode pour visiter le château de Chambord.

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I think if these were aimed at English language renters the roulottes would be referred as ‘gypsy caravans’. I know it wasn’t necessarily gypsies who used them in the past (the website talks about ‘roulotte manouche’ and ‘roulotte cirque’) but ‘gypsy caravan’ would give an English speaker a reasonable idea of what they are.

They seem to be openly referred to as gypsy caravans in the UK. I put in ‘gypsy caravan hire’ as a search string and got loads. The other term used is Romany caravan, but gypsy caravan seems to be ubiquitious (many sites use both). Some go into more detail, talking about ‘traditional horse-drawn bow topped caravans’ but they all use the word gypsy somewhere. A few use what I assume is the Romany word for them, ‘vardo’, but always in brackets. In Ireland they are more likely to just be horse-drawn caravans, with no mention of gypsies. A US search revealed nothing at all. This is very much a British and French thing (and maybe a few other western European countries). There seems to be a company doing it in southern Australia (goldfields) and they refer to gypsy caravans too.

The three form one rental – one with kitchen, shower and toilet, one with a double bed and one with double + single bed. 460 euro a week during peak season. Bring your own sheets and towels. These are the gypsy caravans. There are two other circus caravans in the next field. Kitchen and bedroom in one, bathroom and bedroom in the other

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