Amboise Châteaux de la Loire Chaumont

The Balloons are Up! – Les mongolfières sont de sortie !

photo_159_chaumont_balloonWe don’t seem to have seen many hot air balloons this year but when we were driving to Amboise on Friday we saw no fewer than eight! The photo is taken through the car windscreen with Château de Chamont behind.
Nous ne semblons pas avoir vu beaucoup de mongolfières cette année mais en nous rendant à Amboise vendredi nous en avons vu huit ! La photo est prise à travers le pare-brise avec château de Chaumont en arrière-plan.

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@Helen – they often take off and land in the field in front of the château or across the road. One day, I filmed three taking off one after the other!
@Susan – It was a lucky day – same day as the cat in front of the château d’Amboise.

They launch them quite often from the campus grounds not far from my house, particularly first thing in the morning, so I might wake up, hearing the hiss of the gas, and take a look out to see a balloon passing over my yard.

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