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A Mediaeval Barn – Une grange médiévale

Meslay Farm near Vouvray, built by the Abbey of Marmoutier in 1220, is a somewhat rare example of a fortified monastic farm. The monumental square gatehouse forms the entrance to the domain. It consists of a ground floor with a vaulted passage leading into the courtyard and an upper floor which was originally the guard room.
The barn (see photo below), also built in the 13th century, was located inside the walls towards the east.  It has stone walls and comprises five naves each of which has sixteen bays. Since the farm was closed, I took the photo of the barn through the keyhole.
La ferme de Meslay près de Vouvray, construite par l’abbé de Marmoutier en 1220, est un exemple assez rare de ferme monastique fortifiée. Le portail monumental à base carrée est le point d’entrée du domaine. Il est composé, au rez-de-chaussée d’un passage voûté menant dans la cour et d’un étage qui servait à l’origine de salle des gardes. 
La grange également bâtie au XIIe siècle se trouve à l’est de l’enceinte. Elle est construite avec des murs de pierre et sa charpente est constituée de cinq nefs de seize travées. La propriété étant fermée j’ai pris la photo de la grange par le trou de la serrure.

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You’ve forgotten to add the photo of the barn. I like this photo. The gatehouse is way more photogenic than the barn, which is just a great big rectangular building under one enormous shallow pitched roof. It’s contemporary with our barn, by the way (the differences being that ours isn’t fortified and may not have started life as a barn but as a leper hospital).

@William – In Burgundy, the monks had vineyards. In fact, monasteries were usually self-sufficient. What is unusual about this one is that it was fortified.
@Susan – Oops! I’ve added it. I thought the barn was rather attractive as well. I didn’t realise yours was that old!

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