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The Healthy Vending Machine – Le distributeur automatique santé

photo_180_vegetable_machineWe came across this fruit and vegetable vending machine on the bike route in Cour Cheverny just as it was being refilled. What a clever idea! The photo below shows the inside. It’s open 24/7 and is refrigerated. The prices are very reasonable with a selection of several items and the produce looks very fresh. Cool.
Nous sommes tombés sur ce distributeur automatique de fruits et de légumes sur l’itinéraire vélo à Cour Cheverny au moment où on le remplissait. Quelle excellente idée ! La photo ci-dessous montre l’intérieur. C’est ouvert 24 heures sur 24 7 jours sur 7 et c’est réfrigéré. Les prix sont très raisonnables avec un panier de produits qui ont l’air très frais. Cool. 

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The first of these was installed a few years ago opposite the tourist office at Villandry. The carpark there is free for camping cars and the market gardener who owns the machine is super happy with it. He’s based just outside of town and it saves him having a farm shop or honesty box at the gate. When I blogged about it I got lots of interest from communities who thought it would suit them in Australia and America. I had to take photos of the maker and supplier’s plates so people could track them down. The one in your photo is identical to the one at Villandry, so I can tell you it is made in Germany 🙂

Yes, I remember your post. We talked to the two dynamic young women who run the one in Cour Cheverny but they bought it earlier this year from someone else who couldn’t keep it up for health reasons. They didn’t know its origin. We have never seen them in Germany but maybe we went by them without realising what it was. The side facing the street just says “Distributeur de légumes et de fruits frais” in French with no images. This one is not as well located, I would say with regard to tourists, but is near a school and a children’s playground which means they are getting the local trade.

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