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Holly and Clematis – Houx et clématite

We have lots of red berries on our holly this year. The leaves at the bottom right are clematis. It wasn’t supposed to invade the holly bush but I am fast learning that plants have a mind of their own!
Nous avons beaucoup de baies rouges sur notre houx cette année. Les feuilles en bas à gauche sont celles d’une clématite. Elle n’était pas censée envahir le houx mais je suis en train de me rendre compte que les plantes font comme elles veulent !

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We have just been given an unwanted hydrangea and it looks very much like yours. I have found a supply of sprigs of mistletoe with berries while out on The Dog Walk. Not long till Christmas!

The trouble about hydrangeas is that it’s better not to cut the flowers and just let them die off. They need to be pruned to flower well the next season but not until the first buds appear.

The Hydrangea giver has said she will help with pruning in March. I looked on web sites and they immediately confused me with what sort of Hydrangea I was given!
Garden centres are not too free with important advice – I have have just got rid of a real thug of a bamboo!

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