The Orphan Gate Posts – Les piliers orphelins

Such decorative gate posts as these must surely have been attached to a gate in the past.
Des piliers aussi décoratifs ont dû sûrement servir de support à un portail autrefois.

5 replies on “The Orphan Gate Posts – Les piliers orphelins”

We often see huge gate supporting posts at entrances to wine growing land or with a house up a short/long drive. But they are without the gates and without any sort of fencing around the edge of the land – just the pillars. Perhaps like us they are waiting for an artisan to come measure and give a ‘devis’ for a wrought iron gate. We shall just have to paint our old one again.

@Helen – Yes, you’re probably quite right!
@William – I couldn’t even see where it had been attached!
@Lesley – Artisans are hard to come by! Jean Michel has just very cleverly added an extra bit to our back gate to stop any more burglars. I’m waiting for it to be painted before I put up a photo but the weather isn’t very propitious!
@Bill – Maybe but that look a little lonely.

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