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The Bread Box – La boîte à pain

ldp_253_bread_boxThe little village of Coulanges in the Cisse Valley has a town hall and a church, but no shops. Lionel Guéry has found a way of distributing bread to those with the right key! Their bakery, La Pétrie, is in nearby Chouzy-sur-Cisse.
Le petit village de Coulanges dans la vallée de la Cisse a une mairie et une église mais pas de commerces. Lionel Guéry a trouvé le moyen de distribuer le pain à ceux qui tiennent la clé ! Leur boulangerie, La Pétrie, se trouve à Chouzy-sur-Cisse quatre kilomètres plus loin.

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A great idea, and presumably a precursor to the baguette vending machines that are popping up all over. It doesn’t look that old though. I wonder if it was perceived as a cheaper and more flexible option in a very small village which wasn’t expecting passing trade? You could have anything you wanted delivered, not just baguettes. I wonder who built and maintains it? The commune I bet.

Would the traditional baguette have to be placed diagonal-wise? I saw a photo of a newfangled ‘folded baguette’ the other day!

@William @Bill – Yes, very creative, but remember this is France where bread is very important.
@Susan – Most of the people in the village would have cars and take them to work and buy bread on the way. I imagine this is for the older inhabitants. It must be at least partly funded by the area because its says “Aggopolys” on it which is the Blois-Chambord regional council.And yes, you Lcould have anything delivered.
@Lesley – Yes, I saw a photo of the horseshoe baguette too. I guess people using these would have to opt for another shaped loaf. The next time I go to Chouzy I’m going to ask the baker all the details.

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