Amboise Châteaux de la Loire

Amboise in Red – Amboise en rouge

ldp_255_red_castleThe Royal Castle of Amboise has a new colour scheme but I’m not that keen. How about you? I’ve added last month’s colours below.
Le château royal d’Amboise a pris des couleurs ces derniers jours mais je ne suis pas fan. Et vous ? J’ai rajouté les couleurs du mois dernier ci-dessous.

7 replies on “Amboise in Red – Amboise en rouge”

I wonder if the red is to reduce the light pollution and reduce the effect on night flying animals? CK emailed me to say she didn’t think any consideration had been given to bats, but I’m not sure what the lighting designers brief was.

I think it’s just for Christmas. It was a different colour last month. I’m not keen on these coloured lights.

I’m pretty sure there will be another colour after Christmas. As we’ll be back at Le Shaker at the beginning of next month, we’ll see. Last month, it was a sort of lavender but my photo wasn’t very good. I’ll add it under the other one though.

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