Chambord Châteaux de la Loire

New Gardens at Chambord – Nouveaux jardins à jardins

120_chambordThe new gardens in Chambord are now open but I think they look better from the rooftops.
Les nouveaux jardins à Chambord sont désormais ouverts mais je pense qui’ils sont plus beaux depuis les toits.

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Ahh. Another reason I need to go back to Chambord. With a stream of friends arriving from the States over the next few months, I imagine that’s going to happen.

The latest 2017 sattelite overview shows nothing ,have they have been renewed this year?
Pehaps I’m looking in the wrong place. I’d love to get to see them from the roof or even ground level.

@Helen – Have you been to Chambord?
@Susan – I didn’t realise that. They were very disasppointing from below but friends showed us photos from the rooftops which were much better.
@Michael – Yes, if you visit the château, you can go up on the rooftops (quite amazing) and see the garden.
@Stuart – A lot has changed at Chambord in the last year of so, you’ll see, including what I think is a very ugly ticket office.
@Lesley – I shall ask friends who visited recently to send me a photo to publish :).
@William – Chambord is just so photogenic!

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