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As time goes by, there are fewer and fewer stores in French villages. Chambon-sur-Cisse has fewer than 700 inhabitants but it has a local store that has an internet space, a photocopy/scanner service, can send and receives faxes and emails, a post-office counter, an ATM, a grocery and small goods section, telephone cards, a catalogue delivery point, a dry-cleaning drop-off, a bread depot, a fresh meat section, a catering sections, a confectionery counter, home delivery, regional products, tourist information and seeds. Now, isn’t it wonderful to find that in one shop? We didn’t get to see inside because it’s closed on Wednesdays.
Avec le temps qui passe, il y a de moins en moins de commerces dans les villages français. Chambon-sur-Cisse a moins de 700 habitants mais il y a point multi-services comme on peut voir dans la photo. Je trouve merveilleux d’avoir autant de services dans un seul point de vente. Malheureusement nous n’avons pas vu l’intérieur parce que c’est fermé le mercredi.

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