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Two Little Mystery Plants – Deux petites plantes inconnues

1858_green_plant_1 1859_green_plant_2
I saved these from the vegetable garden. I’m rather hoping they’ll turn into something useful particuarly ground coverage on my mound. Can anyone identify them?
J’ai sauvé ces plantes lors du bêchage du potager. J’ai un petit espoir qu’elles se révèlent utiles surtout comme couverture de sol sur mon talus. Est-ce que vous savez de quoi il s’agit ?

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I suspect they are both weeds. I can’t work out what the top one is, but I suspect something really undesirable like Bristly Oxtongue. Shoulda gone on that botany outing a fortnight ago to brush up on my identifying leaf rosettes skills. The bottom one is Persian Speedwell Veronica persica. It’s an invasive alien. Not terribly difficult to get rid of as it pulls up easily, but it will get everywhere and smother everything else if you let it.

That is very sad. The top one is not bristly at all. I’ll get rid of the Persian Speedwell Veronica persica and see what the other one produces and let you know.

Susan sounds like she knows her plants. I would have guessed the second as henbit, but then I live in Texas. Ha.

In my defense, I looked up henbit. It is found in Europe, and is edible to animals as forage and to birds with seeds. Lamium amplexicaule, See what you think.

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