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Why aren't my petunias like that? – Pourquoi mes pétunias ne sont-ils pas comme ça ?

18153_petuniasAs an aspiring gardener – and I say aspiring because gardening, like parenting, is very humbling – I am always on the lookout for magnificent planters such as this one that we rode past last night on our bikes. Below are my petunias this year, which I am quite proud of, but they are the result of a whole month of careful tending. I doubt anyone does more than water the ones above!
En tant que jardinier en herbe – et je le dis parce que le jardinage comme le parentage est source de grande humilité – je suis toujours à la recherche de jardinières magnifiques comme celle-ci que nous avons croisé hier soir en vélo. En dessous sont mes pétunias cette année. J’en suis plutôt fière mais ils sont le résultat d’un mois entier de petits soins. Je doute que les pétunias ci-dessus reçoivent plus d’attentions qu’un peu d’eau …

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I know exactly how you feel. I gave my petunias a round of the tongue when I watered them this afternoon. Lovingly tended but they haven’t produced the display I was hoping for. Yours are far more showy.

You have to be very brave and cut them severely if they start getting leggy, even if there are several flowers on the end! It’s the first year I’ve been ruthless enough.

It’s because I’m very ruthless. As soon as a branch starts getting leggy I cut it back even if it has three flowers on the end! It’s hard the first few times but when you see the results you know it’s worth the agony.

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