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Who’s that dog? – Qui est ce chien ?

This amazing door is in rue Colbert in Tours. It’s above a new restaurant Chez Gaster that was recommended to us by a nearby shop owner. Unfortunately it’s closed on Wednesdays.
Cette magnifique porte sculptée se trouve dans la rue Colbert à Tours au-dessus d’un nouveau restaurant, Chez Colbert, recommandé par un commerçant à côté. Malheureusement c’est fermé le mercredi.

6 replies on “Who’s that dog? – Qui est ce chien ?”

So who is that dog? Do you know anything about it? It doesn’t seem to be split as do the figures on the opposite side of the door, so perhaps it is not as old? Though maybe it is so thick the split running up from below hasn’t had effect yet. Well, someone sometime has had a sense of humor.

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