The Mystery Hut – La cabane mystérieuse

This renovated hut at the end of a cul de sac with new houses along each side is obviously a remnant of the past. There are two rooms and the front one has what appears to be a fireplace in one corner. There aren’t doors but gates.
Cette cabane rénovée qui se trouve au bout d’une impasse avec des maisons neuves de chaque côté semble bien être un vestige du passé. Il y a deux pièces avec ce qui semble être une cheminée au coin de la première. Il n’y a pas de portes, uniquement des grilles.

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If it didn’t have such a high door I would’ve suggested winegrowers hut. “Cabane des Vignes” but why such a high door?

Yes we thought of that too. I went back and had another look yesterday (it’s just near the garage that repairs our car) and took another two photos which I’ve added.

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