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18th Century Chic? – Chic du 18ème

We were assured that this vibrant colour combination was a faithful replica of 18th century chic at Château de Bouges where we had the good fortune of being the only visitors.

On nous a assuré que cette combinaison de couleurs éclatante était une réplique fidèle du chic du 18ème siècle au château de Bouges où nous avons eu la chance d’être seuls seuls visiteurs.

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Yes, very 18C. One of the difficulties of curating 18C interiors is that their taste was totally at odds with modern tastes. You have to suspend your own taste. That acid yellow colour was particularly popular. Actually, there’s a top tip for you I’ve just thought of — if you are visiting an 18C interior and the colours don’t jar horribly then it is not authentic and has been modified to suit 20C tastes.

Yes, the young woman who greeted us at the door and is obviously a guide when there is no covid, explained about the colors when I expressed my surprise. I’m waiting to see what you have to say about the bedroom in the ne yet post :).

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