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Pink Tips – Pointes roses

On Friday France goes into a second lockdown for one month. We’ll know the details tomorrow. Let’s just hope it’s effective. With the number of deaths already up to 35 785, the future is bleak if we don’t act now.

Ce vendredi la France commencera un deuxième confinement pendant un mois. Nous saurons les détails demain. Espérons qu’il sera efficace. Avec un total de 35 785 décès déjà l’avenir n’est pas rose si nous ne prenons pas les mesures qu’il faut.

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From Texas, with a population of 30 million, about half that of France, we have about 18,000 deaths so far, which is about half of France. So the rates look fairly the same…….It is rather bleak. I live in a very small town, and Trump country. This is all going to be very hard for much longer, though I do hope we will get a new president here. Our local health department has been very good about posting numbers…..and they are not encouraging. Hang in there.

France’s population, or so google tells me, is 66 million. Texas is 30 million, so take my numbers iwth a grain of salt.

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