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Three Chums & a Moose – Trois copains et un élan


I’m always very amused by this sort of Christmas decoration. You’d need to get up a ladder to put them there!

Je trouve ce type de décoration de Noël très amusant. Il faudra certainement une échelle pour faire le décor.

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I think that we could fix them from the inside but the best thing would be that they are out of reach from passing naughty hands!
Happy Chistmas to you and best wishes for whatever comes in the New Year.

Yes, I’ve notice that most decorations are out of reach!
Happy Christmas to you as well and I hope that the New Year will be easier on you than 2020.
I have to choose my favourite photo for 1st January. If you have any ideas, let me know!

You posted 22 Dec 2015 a snowdrop in the fallen leaves that, for me, shows that life goes on. It may not be as exciting as many of your photos but …….

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