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A Bit of Paradise – Un bout du paradis


“This is paradise” is what the sign in the middle says. The sign on the left is the name of the place: Tranquillity. The sign on the right sets out the Garden Rules. 1. Relax in a peaceful environment 2. Welcome the bees and butterflies 3. Sow seeds of madness 4. There are no weeds, just wild flowers 5. Breathe good air 6. Water and talk to your plants 7. A garden is like a friend – you can visit anytime.

Le lieu s’appelle “La Tranquillité” et on nous dit bien “Ici c’est le paradis”. Le petit panneau nous indique les règles du jardin. 1. Détendez-vous au calme 2. Accueillir les abeilles et papillons 3. Semez les graines de folie 4. Il n’y a pas de mauvaises herbes, que des fleurs sauvages 5. Respirez le bon air 6. Arrosez et parlez à vos plantes 7. Un jardin c’est comme une amie, on peut toujours lui rendre visite.

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I’ve walked past it countless time but never noticed the signs. Pre-Covid there were always a couple of people in the garden each time. The graine de folie was a bit tricky to translate. It sounds more poetic in French.

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