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Left to Ruin – Laissée à l’abandon


I always think it’s a pity to see houses left to ruin while new unimaginative houses are springing up everywhere.

I thought we would go back into lockdown in February but instead the status quo has been maintained while closing all non- European borders as well as non-essential shopping centers over 20,000 square meters. The number of square metres per person in shops has also been extended from 8 to 10. Entry into France including those coming from a European country requires a negative Covid test. The 6 pm to 6 am curfew will continue.

Je trouve toujours dommage de voir des maisons laissées à l’abandon alors qu’on fait construire des maisons neuves sans imagination partout.

Je pensais qu’on serait reconfinés en février mais la situation actuelle est maintenue tout en fermant toutes les frontières avec les pays à l’extérieur de l’Union européenne ainsi que des centres commerciaux non-essentiels de plus de 20 000 mètres carrés. Le nombre de mètres carrés par personne à respecter dans les magasins est désormais 10 à la place de huit. Les entrées en France, y compris pour l’Union européenne, sont conditionnées à la présentation d’un test PCR négatif. Le couvre-feu entre 18 heures et 6 heures est maintenu sur tout le territoire.

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I regret that my days of thinking about doing up such a property are long over.
I only wish that a negative Covid test does not mean that there is no chance of getting ‘it’ one or two days later and passing it on!

The negative test is not a guarantee but it forces people into making sure they are extra careful before and after they travel or they might be stuck in quarantine somewhere.

Is it really an old house? The large opening at the front does not look like it was ever a window. Still, the place would make an amazing little home today. It could be a remarkable residence. Sad to see it falling to the elements and time.

It’s a real house I’d say, typical of the time. At the left is the barn and on the right, the front door (people in this part of the world were small then) which would leave into the main room, with a staircase leading up to the bedroom. The stone surround on the small door shows it’s a dwelling. Also you can just see an addition on the right. There is also a chimney behind the dormer window.

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