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Saving the Barn – Sauvetage de la grange

The horizontal wooden beam is badly damaged in two places – behind the tree on the left and at the right corner so Jean Michel has prepared three iron reinforcements that will form an upside down U when in place. It’s all a bit tricky as the iron is a lot straighter than the timber particularly in the damaged areas.

La poutre horizontale est très abîmée à deux endroits: derrière l’arbuste à gauche et à l’angle de droite. Jean Michel a préparé un portique en fer pour la soutenir. C’est très délicat parce le fer est bien plus droit que la poutre surtout autour des parties abîmées.

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Thank you Lesley, but Jean Michel has amazing knowledge about how to guarantee safety. He saw yesterday that there could be a problem so worked out the solution. He was initially trained on Diesel engines in the navy and they had to learn how to deal with all sorts of situations. I used to worry but I now know how careful and methodical he is. He calls me if help is needed.

Ah. Tricky for sure….how to make it last, and keep lasting and not cause problems somewhere else. This is the kind of thinking that is quite beyond me. So kudos to Jean Michel!!

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