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Two Dovecotes – Deux pigeonniers

The main dovecote in Thenay

The first one is an unusual dovecote because the pigeonholes, of which there are 962, start at the base of the construction, showing the importance of its owner. It is first mentioned in 1661. The second one, which has 60 pigeonholes, is built into one of the towers of the fortified walls of the Grand’Maison, the local manor house. It is not mentioned until 1805.

Le premier pigeonnier est dit à pied ou en pied parce que les boulins ou nids, au nombre de 962, partent depuis la base de l’édifice indiquant l’importance du seigneur qui possédait l’édifice. Il est mentionné pour la première fois en 1661. Le deuxième avec 60 boulins se trouvait dans une tour d’enceinte de la Grand’Maison, la seigneurie de Thenay. Il est mentionné en 1805.

The Grand’Maison dovecote

5 replies on “Two Dovecotes – Deux pigeonniers”

The first looks like a repointed town library with three connected parts! Apart from the row of holes under the guttering I can’t work out that it is an old dovecote.

Oh I get it now. The inside has all the holes for the birds to ‘perch’. Shows I won’t be building a dovecote/folly or eat the product of the occupants. Thanks for the pdf link.

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