photo_147_wood_pileLiving next to several very large forests means that we can buy our firewood directly from the sawmill. However, it means sorting and loading it ourselves. In France, firewood is sold by the stère which is equal to one cubic metre. Our trailer can take 2.4 stères. In most of the United States, the standard measure of firewood is a cord or 128 cubic feet (3.6 m3)

Lorsqu’on habite à côté de plusieurs grandes forêts on peut acheter le bois de chauffe directement à la scierie. Mais il faut le trier et le charger nous-mêmes. En France le bois de chauffe est vendu au stère qui est égal à un mètre cube. Notre remorque peut transporter 2.4 stères. Aux Etats-Unis le standard pour le bois de chauffe est le cord ou 128 pied carrés (3.6 m3).

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2 comments on “Firewood – Bois de chauffage

  1. Stuart

    Well, the wood should warm you twice. Once, moving it. Twice, burning it !

    1. avril Post author

      It was about 5°C and I started out with a cap, anorak. I ended up in shirt sleeves. I’d have loved to take the gloves off but it would have been pretty rough on my hands! We bought 2 stères. That’s a lot of logs.

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