photo_30_rear_chevernyA couple of days ago, I showed the somewhat stark façade of Château de Cheverny on a sunny day in winter. This is the back of the castle, on the same day. I’m told that fifteen thousand bulbs are planted in the gardens each year, so I’m heading back in spring.

Il y a deux jours j’ai montré la façade classique du château de Cheverny par une journée ensoleillée d’hiver. Voici l’arrière du château, le même jour. Il paraît qu’on plante quinze mille bulbes dans les jardins tous les ans. Vivement le printemps!

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5 comments on “Cheverny through the arbour – Cheverny par la tonnelle

  1. Thib

    And this year, it’s 60.000 tulip bulbs that were planted, for a new tulip garden!
    So you MUST come back next spring 😉

  2. Stuart

    Nice shot of the château from the “other” side. I’m looking forward to the spring show as well.

  3. avril Post author

    Wow, 60,000 tulip bulbs! We could all meet up.

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