photo_28_facade_chevernyThe classical and somewhat stark façade of Cheverny built between 1624 and 1640, taken during a visit in winter on a very sunny day.

La façade classique et plutôt austère de Cheverny construit entre 1624 et 1640, photographiée lors d’une visite d’hiver un jour bien ensoleillé.

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9 comments on “Classical façade of Cheverny – Façade classique de Cheverny

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, winter days like that are glorious!

  1. Thib

    Wow! Great winter light!
    I admit I am “Cheverny addicted” 😉 But I prefer the other facade, which, to my taste, is more “photogenic” (do you say that, in English?)

    1. avril Post author

      Hi, you’d say you are “a Cheverny addict”. I’ll post a photo of the rear façade tomorrow. It is more photogenic, I agree, but as you’ll see in the next photo, which I’ll publish tomorrow, it was the shady side when I was there.

      1. Thib

        OK. Thanks for the lesson! I’llbe back tomorrow for the rear facade!

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