The dazzling white of the southern façade of Château de Cheverny is due to the use of Bourré tufa stone which comes from the village of Bourrée in Loire et Cher, and has the particularity of getting white and harder as it gets older.

La blancheur éclatante de la façade sud du château de Cheverny est dûe à la pierre de Bourré, un tuffeau originaire de ce village du Loire et Cher, qui a la particularité de blanchir et durcir en vieillissant.

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4 comments on “The White Façade of Château de Cheverny – La façade blanche du château de Cheverny

    1. avril Post author

      If I had a choice (ha! ha!) I would live in Azay le Rideau. Cheverny is a bit stark for me.

  1. Stuart

    That’s interesting you say that tuffeau gets harder with age. Does that translate to stronger? Our tuffeau seems to be crumbling with age. Maybe the stone varies by region.

    1. avril Post author

      It’s this particular tuffeau (from Bourré) that gets harder and stronger. Ours, like ours, seems to be crumbling with age. We also wonder whether it was not always “washed” as well as it should be to prevent saltpetre.

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