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The Lion's Cornucopia in Cheverny – Corne de lion à Cheverny


Unforgettable sculpture on the side of a finely carved dresser (photo below) in Château de Cheverny.

Impressionnante sculpture sur le coté du meuble très ouvragé (photo ci-dessous) dans le château de Cheverny.


4 replies on “The Lion's Cornucopia in Cheverny – Corne de lion à Cheverny”

My impression is that the carvings on the dresser are from a much older piece of furniture, from the 17th C and therefore maybe part of an original suite of furniture for this room. That’s just speculation though. It’s a fabulous piece.

@William: I agree, it’s incredibly intricate.
@Susan: I wondered whether you would have more information. I think it’s a fabulous piece as well.
@Stuart: You, as a woodworker, would certainly be able to appreciate the hours that went into constructing the cabinet!

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