photo_294_hounds_chevernyThis photo of the famous hounds at Château de Cheverny comes to us from a Dutch reader Kees van Dijk who visited Blois this summer and had the pleasure of seeing the hounds being fed at 5 pm.

Cette photo des fameux chiens destinés à la chasse à courre du château de Cheverny nous vient d’un lecteur néerlandais qui a visité Blois cet été et a eu le plaisir d’assister au repas des chiens à 17 heures.

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4 comments on “The Hounds at Cheverny – Chiens de chasse Cheverny

  1. Susan Walter

    The pleasure of seeing the hounds fed!!!?? I deliberately steer clients away from this spectacle. It’s certainly not to everyone’s taste, and I speak as a dog lover here. It’s interesting from a pack behaviour point of view but the real action is over in less than 30 seconds and is every dog for him/herself. Otherwise it’s a load of hanging about with the dogs corralled upstairs.

    The dogs themselves are absolutely wonderful. I would really love to have a couple around the house but sadly it isn’t possible for us. They love hanging out together and if the kennelman is present all attention is on him. They are indeed a pleasure, but not at mealtimes.

  2. avril Post author

    @William – yes lots of wagging indeed
    @Susan – quite a few of our gîte guests really enjoyed seen the hounds fed. It’s popular among many people.
    @Stuart – Thanks Stuart!

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