These prehistoric antlers from a cervus megaceros, ancestor of the elk, are at the top of the Grand Staircase in Château de Cheverny. Found in the icy regions of Siberia two centuries ago,  the antlers are more than 6000 years old. They were a gift to the collector, Paul, Marquis of Vibraye, in the 19th century.

Ce bois préhistorique de plus de 6000 ans (issue d’un cervus megaceros, ancêtre de l’élan), trouvé dans les glaces de Sibérie il y a 200 ans, se trouve en haut de l’escalier d’honneur au château de Cheverny. Il s’agit d’un cadeau offert au collectionneur Paul, marquis de la Vibraye, au xixe siècle.

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6 comments on “Prehistoric antlers – Bois préhistorique

  1. Susan Walter

    Isn’t the Giant Elk fabulous! I have a little spiel for the clients about how they were hunted, why it’s at that height on the wall (it’s where it would be if it were live and you were standing on the ground looking at it), how they went extinct (man and climate change). The suit of armour underneath it is a fairly fabulous object too, and would once have been a truly splendid thing.

    1. avril Post author

      I remember the suit of armour but didn’t take a photo for some reason. Maybe you have one to post on Blois Daily Photo?

      1. Susan Walter

        I did a quick search and couldn’t find one, but it does remind me I should get some photos of it and the arms room and do a post on arms and armour.

        1. avril Post author

          Next time you go to Cheverny, I’d love a photo of the armour.

  2. Stuart

    That is impressive… and beautiful.

    1. avril Post author

      Amazing isn’t it?

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