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First Saturday Market of the Year – Premier marché de samedi de l'année

Not many stalls at the first market of the year, but a bright blue sky. You can see the Robert Houdin House of Magic behind. Note the colour of the coats – black, brown beige and red!
Peu de stands au premier marché de l’année, mais un beau ciel bleu. On voit la Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin derrière. Notez la couleurs des manteaux : noir, marron, beige et rouge !

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The reason overcoats come in neutral colours — black, brown, beige, navy blue is because most people only have one and it has to go with everything. Red is the only exception and is culturally acceptable because it comes from military red coats. Much of our current tailored clothing for both men and women is an evolution of military uniforms.

I didn’t know about the military red coats. I have noticed in Paris that a lot of women wear red in winter. Note there are no navy coats in the photo. In fact, in France, navy is considered to be a summer than a winter colour.

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