I hope that one day I will also run into friends at the Saturday morning market. For the moment, we don’t know many people in Blois but the people on the market are beginning to recognise us

J’espère qu’un jour je rencontrerai aussi des amis sur le marché le samedi matin. Pour le moment nous ne connaissons pas beaucoup de monde. Par contre, les commençants commencent à nous reconnaître. 


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2 comments on “Saturday Market in Spring – Marché du samedi au printemps

  1. William Kendall

    A good market’s always well worth visiting!

  2. Stuart

    After a while we settled on our favorite vegetable stand, bread stand, fish stand, etc. So after visiting the same sellers a number of times they now recognize us and we chat to various degrees. It’s really nice.

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