These willow bushes growing on the edge of vineyards in the cheverny area used to provide ties to bend the vine shoots along the wire after pruning.

Ces pieds d’osier aux bord des champs de vignes dans l’appellation cheverny fournissaient autrefois les liens pour le pliage qui suit la taille de la vigne.


This photo shows the vine shoots bent and tied along the wire using a battery-operated tool.

Ce champ de vigne est plié avec des liens posés avec un outil électrique sur batterie.

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3 comments on “Willow in the vineyards – Osier dans les vignes

  1. William Kendall

    It’s still looking dormant this time of year, but that’ll change fast.

  2. Stuart

    Do they use these because they deteriorate over time and fall away ?

    1. Rosemary Kneipp

      Willow was used because it’s a natural, free, easy-to-use material and when you twist it, it stays in place. Not sure what they use today.

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